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NYE with YAO


Yao will be performing NYE in the SFC alongside our good friends Disco Shawn and Oro11 of Bersa Discos, it should prove to be a wonderful evening full of lost memories and new found hope!!


Bookworms has a great new track on his myspace page "African Rhythms".

Roche has two new beats up on his myspace page.


Enso Article in Re:spect Magazine -- MAD DECENT

enso has been writing occasional articles on international dance music for hong kong's RE:SPECT magazine... a nice little project. he writes in english and they translate to chinese. good deal!!! we'll try to share them here from time to time...

see the large image here


No Summer Or Winter

About a year ago Roche was introduced to Agnes Szelag via CB Radio. She gave him a CD. After first listen of her EP "No Summer Or Winter" he was inspired to remix the songs. The end result being "No Summer Or Winter (Roche Remixes)"

Here is a link to one of the remixes.

And the tracklist..

1. Lato Intro
2. Inside and Out of This World
3. Man-Made laws made man lost
4. Lato Outro

Roche will be making a few cd-r's with all 4 tracks. More info later....