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Roche has done a remix of CB Radio's "Muevete" (off our new comp).
It's on his myspace page along with a bunch of other remixes.

Solos In Stereo II available soon.....

New tracks from the entire Solos roster and special guests!!



One Mo Gin' (again)


We put a Jonesy post up about a month ago, remember.......

Jonesy is a rapper/musician/partyanimal.

Jonesy and Bookworms made some songs together. The first to drop is "One Mo Gin'" on our next release "Solos In Stereo II" available this July.

You can hear a version of "One Mo Gin'" on Jonesy's myspace.

Checkout Bookworms myspace for another track featuring Jonesy.

Now you can also checkout Roche's myspace for a remix of "One Mo Gin'"



Seems like a long time ago....
"Plantain Is Public" had just dropped.
Yao just got back from Argentina and got a cool/wierd spot near Alamo Square.
One day he shared this video with us. His friend Sean Selva, who Yao met in Argentina, made the video.


Solos in URB


URB had some good things to say about our new comp.
BTW they got some info wrong, sorry Jovian and Bookworms don't rap.
However any press is good press and these guys gave us 4 stars out of 5 so we can't be mad.


Zizek coast to coast July tour

Stevie aint the only one who is hotter than July. Our homies from the Zizek posse of Buenos Aires are also hotter than July, and will be on a USA invasion tour during that same July that they are hotter than! They are even going to Canada, now thats North America love right there, and Mexico City- wow!!! This is so sinserious, this tour right hurrr. Im sure they are going to be killing it, so go out and celebrate.

Check em at a town near you!


DJ Enso track on

Time Magazine was in HK a few weeks back, and they made a nice little video about Parkour artists there. Our friend Govad was featured, and they ended up using an old DJ Enso beat called "Groupie Love" for the intro and throughout the first half.... represent y'all....

check it out here

Maybe one day solos crew will get to make a new theme song for CNN's "The Situation Room"....


Solos Records Presents Fake Cake Gallery's Last Party Ever

Here is some footage and sound from Fake Cake Gallery's last show on June 13th 2008. Unfortunately the dancefloor was dark so most of this footage is from the lively behind the scenes area (the kitchen). Enjoy.

I've seen many strange things


the cover art for our new compilation "Solos In Stereo"


a flyer for a show we had a few months ago

we put these flyers in all the stores on Haight Street in SF, including Villains Vault, who apparently liked our design so much they choose to........

Photobucket but........