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CB Radio on

This past weekend a track from our very own CB Radio was featured on Good looking out.

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Yao in Hollywooooooooo!?!??!

So if you have been wondering why you havent heard anything recently from Yao, perhaps it is because much like Common, Mos Def, and Andre3000, he has gone to Hollywood to get that movie....errr...commercial money. Is that him 10 seconds into this ad? if you see him, tell him to come around


Passing of Two Greats

This past week two very important figures in the history of modern music moved on, drummer Buddy Miles and producer/ musician Teo Macero.

Buddy Miles came into the fold with Jimi Hendrix's A Band Of Gypsys as Hendrix was going for a more black audience. Miles became an integral part of the trio even having lead vocals on a few songs. Buddy went on to release his own albums that are highly regarded amongst many. Check the following clip from a documentary on the group:


Teo Macero, is a producer that has worked alongside Dave Brubeck, Monk, Mingus, but is best known for his work with Miles Davis. He helped Miles realize the transition into the electronics age of music instrumentation, and actually in a way led the way for sampling as he became a master of the cut and paste technique of editting/ adding (things we take for granted today with Pro Tools). Check out this little video of him talking about working with Miles on Bitches Brew, and if you really like his stories (and impersonation of Miles voice, lol) as I did, there are many more here:


and go pick up that Erykah CD is you still havent.