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essential reading/ listening

two things:

This interview with Questlove is an essential read for anyone who loves music. ?uest who is one of my most fav people in the music industry always has some valuable knowledge and insight to drop on us all, as he is a renaissance man with enough experience (not with just hip hop music, but all music) to last many lifetimes. In this interview he touches upon the changing(dying) industry as well as what happeneed with the Soulquarians and even a bit on Obama.

Erykah Badu album drops today, go and cop that. Support divine quality music.


Tormenta Tropical era un exito!!!

This past Friday's Tormenta Tropicale party (in celebration of Bersa Discos first release- a great 12" showcasing some of Buenos Aires' newest electro- cumbia sounds) brought to you by the fellas (Oro11 and Disco Shawn)was a great success. Tons of people came out dancing to the jams played on The Rickshaw Stop's booming system. Paul Devro(Mad Decent) and Yao were the guest selektas and everyone brought the heat. Check out the picture of all of the night's selektas, winning futbol team styles; somewhere out there right now Maradona is smiling and rejoicing and screaming over the crowd's cheers, "I taught them everything they know!!"

Also, stay tuned for the next Tormenta Tropicale being held at the Mezzanine next month. All the fellas from Argentina(Zizek) will be coming up as they make their way to SXSW, and its gonna be wild. Get to know one as Bersa Discos got a very nice movement building here in the bay.


Happy Birthday J(ay) James Yancey Dilla Dee

we gotta shout out the teacher's birthday, we always got your stuff turned up year around but we gonna turn it up extra for the next three days

you continue to provide us with bright moments!!!


Grey Poupon buddies

After working on a track that was to later become ghost like Patrik Swayze in ... Ghost, CB Radio DJ Posse and Yao don't sweat it but just keep on truckin and grey poupawning with a side cashews and salami(for cb radio) and salmon (for mr. "strictly fish on my dish" yao)