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Have you seen this man?

Well, probably no, but chances are, this man has probably had a bigger influence on your life then you think.

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Oh Nizzle

folks @ just posted a real good interview on Oh No.really good read, check it

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No No Music Day

No Music Day
I kind of understand what they are trying to do and i do understand their point, but its more than kind of a dumb idea.
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african ingenuity

This reminds me of way back when they used to deny Africans as even being civilized and in actuality they were more advanced at things like nautical construction, making boats that could withstand the toughest of waters.

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SCorpion Kings and Queens

Big up to all the scorpios, including Yao and CB Radio DJ Posse, Pablo Picasso, Joaquin Phoenix, Madlib, Bill Gates, Winona Ryder, etc...I mean you gotta give it up, its definitely amonsgt the top 4 hottest signs to be.