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Sean' photoblog

fellow world traveller and director/ artist Sean Mattison has a new photo blog that showcases some of his captured moments from around the world and other related photo/ video goodies . while your at it check out the La Foule Imbecile blog, he got the internet going nuts.


fake cake be popping off !!!

So just in case you didnt know Fake Cake Gallery is a Real Pie Household where happenings go down, such as Roche & Louis recording together for the first time in a while, Ceci working on visuals for CB Radio's show last Saturday at the Red Poppy Art House, Drslone working on tracks for their performance, and Yao bringing by Trader Joes snacks and ...warming them up and eating them.
Look out for new tracks from Roche and Louis.

Fake Cake is a Happy House:


Hired Ground

So this past Thursday, Hired Meat got down for SF Coalition on Homelessness silent auction benefit . A very worthy cause for an organization committed to affordable housing and ending homelessness.Hired Meat did the live art -man, i couldn't imagine creating some dope art live on the spot, talk about pressure!!! but our dude, as usual, rose to the occasion vibing off the positive energy in the room including the music provided by Yao.
Check out some pics of the event, a lot of people came out, including our fav green party almost SF mayor matt gonzalez who shared co host duties.


Sonido Sound

Quick shout to check out the homie from Argentina,Sonido Martines, who is doing the damn thing after just finishing a little mini US tour of sorts including djing the beautiful wedding of Mr. Oro 11 and the lovely Claire along with myself (Yao). He is getting shine from the decent set after spinning a cumbia mix on a radio station there in new york, check it out: crazy sounds. Also, I'd like to say, he surprises me everytime we talk, last time he was calling out original samples from my Plantains CD that i thought cats would never take notice of, dropping knowledge from Buenos Aires to Cali to his new soon to be home of La Paz, Bolivia, give him a shout!!


CB RADIO DJ Posse helps define beauty...

CB Naughty-yo

CB Radio DJ POSSE along with Jaysonic of Hottub helped make the dancefloor clap with a supporting cast of partiers a few nights ago @ the Mission's Beauty Bar. Look out for Hottub, they got a show like every other night, and CB Radio DJ POSSE has made its way out of the attic, down the stairs, out the front door to main street!!!