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NOT a new BOOKWORMS shirt...

some girl was wearing this at a mush records show in SF a lil while not even gonna make a joke about it...
thats the fuking news

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Do ya Dance lil mama

Mucho mucho para Solos Records!!!!!!!!!!
Yao maintains on plantains and you will soon HEAR why, that's right, the (long awaited) project has gone into manufacturing and will soon be available here at All the cats here at Solos have been fighting over leaked copies of this ill ish, soon you too can fight for your right to YAO!!!!!!
In The Works.....
There has been talk around the office about a new Solos Records comp. Well the rumors are true, and yes we are now official worldwide, with folks in South America, Berlin, Hongkong, Thailand, fuckin all up in China, and of course the biggetybigggety BAY, so this new comp is gonna be all over your dinner plate like one of those asain burgerspots that also sells tacos and vietnamese wanna orange slice?
Expect illyforilly tracks from Bookworm, Roche, Enso, DRSLONE, Mio, Yao and some extra fresh new guests.
hAVE YOU HEARD? We gots free music, checkout the downloads....

Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.